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Lighthouse in Rozewie



Rozewie Lighthouse is located at Leona Wzorka Street No. 1 in Rozewie. It is operated by the Maritime Office in Gdynia and available to the public. The lighthouse is named after Stefan Zeromski. There are two lighthouses: the old and the new. Names: old and new are not clear and are mistakenly used, interchangeably for both lighthouses in Rozewie. It was influenced by a complicated history of construction and modernization of both objects, as well as period in which the lighthouses shone at the same time ("old lighthouse" from 1822 - is the lighthouse active to this day, which undergone two major modernizations in 1910 and 1978). The lighthouse has a legend created by a lamplighter Leon Wzorek about the fact that Stefan Zeromski wrote here his novel titled "Wind from the Sea". Stefan Zeromski actually visited the lighthouse in Rozewie, but the novel was written in Warsaw.






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